McDonald O’Brien are the local Climate Master Specialists for Seeley International.

There are some main reasons to choose a Climate Master to supply and install your new ducted gas heater.

Climate Masters of Seeley International are the best in the industry. The experience and expertise of these specialists is proven and unbeaten.

Climate Masters of Seeley International are committed to ensuring their customers receive the best value for their dollar, with a heating or cooling system they can rely on, that simply works.

Incredible warranties

You get an incredible seven year warranty on all evaporative air conditioners and ducted gas heaters AND a seven year workmanship warranty on everything that is installed – The 7 YEAR WARRANTY is only available from an authorized Braemar Dealer

Unsurpassed professionalism and expertise

You get a comprehensive assessment of your heating and/or cooling needs and a solution that is exactly right for you, backed up with a product recommendation from CompuComfort. This is followed by a detailed written solution and cost quote, so you have all the information you need to guarantee that you and your family are superbly comfortable, all year round.

Unrivaled quality and service

You get quick, professional and outstanding service, with absolutely no mess left behind, backed by our seven year workmanship warranty. Importantly all members take health and safety standards very seriously and only employ qualified tradespeople.

Exclusive product offers

Speak to  your Climate Masters of Seeley International dealer on the latest product offer, available exclusively from your Climate Masters of Seeley International specialist.
Currently the 3, 4 and 5 star Braemar Supernova Series are available exclusively from Climate Masters of Seeley International dealers

Aftercare that really delivers

Once your heating or cooling system is operating as designed, you get as much of our time as you need to show you how to use it and how to get the most out of it, and we’re here to help whenever you need us.


You receive the benefit of our impeccable track record, which speaks for itself. That’s the only way we can be Climate Masters of Seeley International members!

Membership of Climate Masters of Seeley International is not open to all – only to those who can comply with the rigorous requirements. We are known and acclaimed for our professionalism, quality standards and for providing the optimum customer experience.